Here you will find frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding the OpusTel App. If no answer is practical please contact us.

The OpusTel App is available at the Apple App Store and Goopgle play. There is a limited number of Swiss phone numbers ready for international use. Please contact us on this site with e-mail address and name.

Can I receive incoming phone calls?

Yes; with the App you can receive incoming phone calls on your Smartphone: just wipe to the right the OpusTel message with the name of person calling. If your iPhone needs a code, enter your existing code. The App will start and allow you to answer the call as soon as you press the green button; you may also ignore or reject the call. You will see the name and number on the top of the screen. After a few minutes the App enters sleep mode in order to safe battery life. Our App consumes typically less than 10% of your battery over 24 hours.

How much does a call to another country cost?

Calls from OpusTel to OpusTel are free. This is the case regardless of the country in which you are using the App. Please recommend it to your friends and family to get free, HD-quality and secure phone conversations. See prices here.